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Voice of God Voiceover

The Voice of God.

Who is your Voice of God voice?

This is award winning voice artist, Guy HarrisGuy works with Global brands including ITV, BBC, Warners Hotels, Asperity and Butlins. Delivering a voice of god voiceover for clients around the world. You’ve worked hard to make your event look impressive. Don’t let it down by handing the mic to someone looking for something to do. (it does happen) How do you inform your guests the event is about to begin? Let Guy ensure your events ‘sound’ every bit as good as they look.

Saturday Night Takeaway

the tour voice of god!

Guy was asked by ITV to be the voice of god for Ant & Dec’s Saturday Night Takeaway Tour for 2014. You will have heard Guy’s voice across arenas all over the UK in 2014.


A selection of clients past and present









Heard worldwide.

And also in your kitchen right now

Guy Harris, as heard on Radio, TV, In-Stores, Web Videos, Apps and Video Games. With over 16 years experience.

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You can book a Live voice of God voiceover. (or pre-red to save you money)


Technology allows 99% of voice of god to be pre-recorded and played at the Event.

Last Minute

Urgent and last minute voice of god audio can be changed and delivered within an hour.

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Alongside voice of God voiceover work Guy develops app. Get in touch for App ideas or download his own.